I was running an ASP application on IIS 4.0 When I ported to Windows 2000<BR>and IIS 5.0 the application is refusing to start. I get the following error<BR>mesg:<BR><BR>Technical Information (for support personnel)<BR>Error Type:<BR>Active Server Pages, ASP 0234 (0x80004005)<BR>Server side include directives may not be present in script blocks. Please<BR>use the SRC= attribute of the &#060;SCRIPT&#062; tag.<BR>/ESP+web/global.asa, line 20<BR>Browser Type:<BR>Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.01; Windows NT) <BR>Page:<BR>GET /esp+web/login.asp <BR><BR>Is it compulsary for me to change all the include files into script tags<BR>?<BR>Do you have any idea, what&#039s going on ?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Gane<BR>