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    Does anyone have any suggestions on an easy method of inserting comments into a message board? Whant I am trying to do, is have a user be able to leave comments on a certain company and be able to view all comments on a same company. Currently I am having all this data, comments, username, etc. inserted into a database and then the same database is opened and inserted into the "View the Comments" page....this way I don&#039t have to do any work. The main problem with this is that the databse will only allow 256 characters in the comments field and my form (textarea) allows much what ends up happening is the database truncates all characters after 256 and when you view these comments, they appear truncated. I want an easy way to do this. Any suggestions????????????????? Thanks

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    Sure - change the data type of your comments field! In Access use the Memo data type, in SQL Server use the Text data type. Both of these support much more than 256 chars.<BR><BR>Dunc

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    fl1rt Guest

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    your database field should be changed from "text" to "memo" to allow for a text size &#062; 256 characters to be stored otherwise it will truncate as you mention

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    fl1rt Guest

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    sorry Dunc for the repetition, I completely overlooked your previous answer

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