Difference between javascript and vbscript?

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Thread: Difference between javascript and vbscript?

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    Hello, whoever is reading.<BR><BR>I have been put to this question more then once in interviews that what is the difference between javascript and vbscript and although I know that vbscript gives problems with netscape navigator I do not know of any other differences. Of course I am not talking about syntactical differences but of something more deep rooted like architectural or whatever. Can you help? <BR><BR>Thanks in advance. <BR>Partho.

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    They&#039re just two different scripting languages. JavaScript pretends to be object-oriented (and do quite a good job) whereas VBScript is more procedural, harking back to it&#039s BASIC roots. JavaScript deals more with properties and methods, while VBScript has a lot of intrisnic functions instead. They&#039ve added objects to VBScript 5.0, but I haven&#039t had a chance to use it yet - it still looks easier to create you own objects and modify the existing ones in JavaScript.<BR><BR>They&#039re really not that different (at least not for the developer), it&#039s just that VBScript isn&#039t recongised by anybody or anything outside Microsoft...<BR><BR>Dunc

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