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    thanks for the help on on my select box question. I had figured out that I needed to loop through all the options and check their values against my variable. I was missing: <BR>theSel.selectedIndex = i;<BR><BR>Prior to May, I&#039d never worked with html, asp, vbscript, or JavaScript. Outside of several books, this board is my only reference. Your help is appreciated.<BR><BR>Doug<BR>

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    Don&#039t limit yourself to this board!<BR><BR>There are HUNDREDS of good reference sources online.<BR><BR>For JS questions, Netscape has the best docs. And there is and the JavaScript FAQ.<BR><BR>I have over 100 ASP-related (well, including things like JS and Java) pages bookmarked in my browser (yes, organized into categories, of course). I couldn&#039t answer more than half the questions I do without those resources.<BR><BR>

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