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    Franco Guest

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    Is there any way to iterate through all stored procedures through a given DSN. I need to list them all but I have at least 40 and would prefer to write them all to a screen through ASP rather than hardcode them.<BR><BR>T.I.A<BR><BR>Franco

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    The following gets a whole bunch of info about all the procs in a given data base.<BR><BR>select * from sysobjects where type=&#039P&#039<BR><BR>I guess you are only interested in the name though.<BR><BR>Hope this is what you meant.

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    Garth Guest

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    You can use the system stored procedure: sp_stored_procedures. You can also use the approach mentioned in the other post, but your not suppose to query system tables directly. Using the schema views and system stored procedures provided with the product will ensure that the queries function as expected if future versions of SQL Server change the system tables.<BR><BR>Garth<BR>

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