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    ChrisH Guest

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    I&#039m developing a message baord for a school. Whenever I test it at home it works just fine, but when I test it at the school it doesn&#039t. When I try to do database stuff the pages won&#039t load - in fact, the server won&#039t load ANY asp scripts at all (they all time out). Has anyone had similar problems? Has anyone got any idea what&#039s going on? I&#039ve been able to use databases before, and as I say, it works just fine at home (using PWS). <BR><BR>An additional problem is that when I try to delete a directory that I have executed asp scripts in, the directory reappears and then I can&#039t access it.

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    unicorn11 Guest

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    Hi there <BR><BR>there is a little error posiblity when you are migrating paltforms like for win 98 and win nt <BR><BR> i had the same problem with my ado becaue win 2000 did not have my jet drivers 3.5 installed but had upgraded to 4 so i kept wondering what the problem was and then it struck me of this <BR><BR>Enjoy this <BR>hope i was helpful<BR><BR>unicorn11<BR> m

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    ChrisH Guest

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    Cheers Unicorn,<BR><BR>It turns out that wasn&#039t the problem after all, but thanks for the advise anyway!<BR><BR>Chris<BR>

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