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    I&#039ve been told that using session variables in asp is bad. They seem to make everything easier. What is so wrong with them?<BR>

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    I&#039ve just run into a problem where my employer is planning on using two machines in tandem in a load-sharing/auto-backup scheme where any given "hit" to "the server" is serviced by either machine. This means I&#039ve got to now go back and write the session variables out of all my existing script because there is apparently no way to have the two machines share session variables.

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    Tanvi Guest

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    Please answer my q regarding friendly visual interface<BR><BR>In a Web site how one can make all pages visually easy to trace out or give an indication in which topic/page users are in. certain sites if we keep on browsing ,we may some times feel that where are we now?Coming to good visual interfaces I like interface.In each and every page at the top(may be the contents of header include file)a series of tabs will be there.if I click BOOKS then the color of the books tab changes to different color different to rest of the how ever deep i keep browsing in books I know ,looking at the color of the books tab,that Iam in Books section.<BR>Can any body explain how one can do this?A small sample code would be really hepful for me.It may invove lot of explanation etc.But ,some body please help me to get it.<BR>Thanks <BR><BR><BR><BR>

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