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    Santhosh Xavier Guest

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    When i tried to move to design view of an asp page in VisualInterdev i got the message<BR>The editor is unable to switch to design view because there is unquoted ASP Script in an attribute value or inside a &#060;select&#062; tag.<BR>how do i find out where is the mistake.

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    jason Guest

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    Right. don&#039t post your name asa subject.<BR><BR>Unquoted ASP script generally means you have a Response.Write() inside a form tag. This will screw the parser in interdevs design view and your page will come out badly. If you must use design view, use<BR><BR>attribute="&lt;% Response.Write(myVar) %&gt"<BR><BR>rather than something like<BR><BR>attribute=&lt;= myVar %&gt;<BR><BR>jason

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