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    I&#039m sort of mentally blocked now; perhaps someone can share an opinion or alternative.. or even a solution! :)<BR><BR>You see, I favor client side validation since it&#039s a little more user-friendly, and it appears to process faster than actually submitting it to server, getting a response, going back, etc. I assume there&#039s less overhead on the server as well? However, I kept thinking about the out-of-dated browsers, or browsers who have had javascipt disabled.. (?) So I thought I would combine client side and server side validation: do client side first, and use server side validation in case. But that&#039s a lot of redundancy, isn&#039t it? Javascript validates the form, passes it to the server where validation occurs again.<BR><BR>Is there a way for me to use server validation only in the case where javascript is not supported? Something like detecting the browser support of javascript and then doing server validation? Or should I just choose one or the other and cross my fingers against the worse case scenario? :)<BR><BR>jnhh

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    How about if you had your JavaScript code set some hidden form field value if it successfully validated the form at the client. Your asp could read the hidden field and decide whether to do server side validation based on the value?

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    Thanks! This works just great!

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