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    I read with interest the article by Mukul Sabharwal, Paging records with GetRows ( This is great if you have anything from 1 to a couple of hundred records.<BR><BR>I have to retrieve a few thousand records at a time and have my users be able to scroll through them in seconds. I have developed an ACTIVEX control that does this using a vertical scrollbar, retrieving recoards, assigning them to a 2-dimensional array using getrows and using the scrollbar to skip through the records as desired. This all works very well... but I guess my problems is that I can only get the component to work in IE5. I am in an intranet environment of mostly IE4 and some IE5.<BR><BR>Can anyone help me with this?<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR><BR>

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    What is the exact error that you get. We just completed a system like the one you described.

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