I currently have a client who uses currently has a Mindspring Commercial Web-Hosting account. This client has very secure information on his site and is using their "control panel" to secure 2 directories in his web site. These two directories contain somewhere near 500 files each that need to be kept secure. This control panel allows him to add users and password that are allowed to access either of these directories. If you try to browse to a url located within either of these directories, an authentication box in IE will appear wanting to know a username and password. I have contacted Mindspring to determine if there was any way I can automate their control panel to add/delete/edit user accounts. The reason for this being that he would like to have his customers pay by credit card online, and if the order goes through, issue them a username and password that they can then use to access the secured folders. Unfortunately, Mindspring said they have no way of automating this and that I am basically out of luck. My only other option that I know of is to put code in all of his files to check for security, which would require changing all of his filenames to .ASP files. This is definitely not a viable solutions because tons of his customers bookmark his pages. And even redirecting them would be extremely tedious, there are over 1000 files. Please let me know if any of you have a solution or any insight as to how I should approach this problem.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR><BR>Shawn Berg<BR>Innovative WebMedia