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    Is it possible to write a cookie when a user first logs onto your website. The initial page has not input fields, etc. What I want to do is write a cookie so that the main image logo is stored but cannot find any sample code anywhere. I know how to write cookies for pages that have form input fields etc. but am unsure how to do it for my main index.html page. I read somewhere that the global.asa is where I should write my cookie code if I want it to be done when the user first accesses my page. Any suggestions please email me also at<BR>Thanks a bunch

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    Yes - you could write this in the global ASA. If you open it up with a text editor, you will see that there is a SESSION ON_START function. Anything you put between here and the end of the function will execute each time a new session starts - i.e. when a user first comes to your page in that internet session. There is also a SESSION ON_END function that you could use for clean up stuff perhaps.<BR><BR>DC

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    Using server-side script, set cookies anytime, anywhere with<BR>Response.Cookies(CookieName)[(key)&#124.attribute] = value<BR>However, you can only store variables as text files with a cookie in this manner.

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