Will ASP last long as a development language ???

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Thread: Will ASP last long as a development language ???

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    Default Will ASP last long as a development language ???

    Microsoft is coming up with a new platform for the internet applications called .NET platform, and they have also introduced a new programming language called C#, which is the future web developers language, <BR>So will ASP be an outdated language once C# comes in the market ??

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    yes. ASP is now outdated. Stop reading this.<BR><BR>I have an even better question - how many years will it be before C# or .Net become a reality? How many time have you heard a software company say one thing and then do a 180 degree turn in the opposite direction? It&#039s all vaporware until we can use it.<BR><BR>C# is a attempt to stall movement towards Java(&#060;&#060;opinion&#062;&#062;), Using C++ as the backbone, they have removed some of the inherently dangerous coding aspects, such as memory management. I suspect C# will be a very powerfull language. But of course so is smalltalk. I don&#039t doubt the ability of MS to come up with a good language or if they have the marketing muscle to get people interested.<BR><BR><BR>As for .NET - I think that is literally years away. We started hearing of NT years before it was actually released. They want to get high level engineers involved now so they can design the software that will run on this platform.<BR><BR><BR>By they way - ASP is not a language, it&#039s a scripting environment. Comparing C# to ASP would not give you a fair assesment of what the future will be. I personally think there will be a need for ASP scripting for a long time. At least 2 months ;-)<BR><BR><BR>

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