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    Hi! I am just trying to learn ASP, and I was reading in the FAQ section of this site that I should always use Option Explicit on my pages. So I put the tag in, just like this:<BR>&#060;% @Language=VBScript %&#062;&#060;% Response.Buffer = True %&#062;&#060;% Option Explicit %&#062;&#060;html&#062; etc...<BR>Whenever I try and load the page I get this error now:<BR>Microsoft VBScript compilation error &#039 800a0400&#039 <BR><BR>Expected statement <BR><BR>/N3CISO/display.asp, line 12 <BR><BR>Option Explicit<BR>^<BR>Could this have something to do with the fact that the page that I&#039m using this code on is receiving variables from a form? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Option Explicit should be the first thing in your code.<BR><BR>hth

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