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    I can successfully access my DB backend, but I want to access Business Objects / Components which have already been created and &#039sit on top of the DB&#039.<BR><BR>I believe the concept behind these business objects are similar to the ASP &#039data shaping&#039.<BR><BR>Any ideas on how I can hit the objects rather than directly to the DB or even if anybody can let me know if it is POSSIBLE to do this.<BR><BR><BR>Thanks kindly,

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    Relatively easy to do *if* these components are legal ActiveX components. <BR><BR>That means, typically, they should be in a registered DLL and should support the "Automation" interface. Visual Basic can create such DLLs fairly easily, and using the "ATL" (Automatic Template Library) in C++ isn&#039t too hard, either.<BR><BR>Once you have a legit ActiveX object, you just script it as you would any of the already-supplied components (such as ADODB&#039s objects, the Scripting objects, etc., etc.).<BR><BR>

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    Bill,<BR><BR>Thanks for your response, that&#039s pretty much what I needed to know.

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