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Thread: BILL W., I need more help, regarding ckboxes

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    Default BILL W., I need more help, regarding ckboxes

    I hope you remember this thread, the code you gave me worked perfectly.. thanks... but now i have another problem. The checkboxes support different functionalities such as delete, and i when a given button is clicked on the client side, i need to validate all selected checkboxes to see if the selected action can be performed on them. What I wanted to do was when i was generating the checkbox, test to see what buttons could be used on it, and set boolean arrays to the appropriate value.<BR>my questions are, how can i transfer a server side array to a client side array that can be used by a javascript validation function and how can i test checkboxes with the same names to see if they are checked on the client side?<BR>The way I was trying to validate them in semi psudocode....<BR><BR>-------(on server side)-----------------------------------<BR>for each record<BR> create checkbox with [same name] value = recordID<BR> if record_attribute not null<BR> CanEmail[chkCount] = 0<BR> else <BR> canEmail[chkCount] = 1<BR> end if<BR>chkcount = chkcount + 1<BR>loop<BR><BR>----------on client side-------------------------------------<BR>function validate()<BR> for(int index = 0; index &#060; (# of chkboxes); index++)<BR> {<BR> if chkbox(associated with index) is checked <BR> if canEmail(index) &#060;&#062; 1<BR> alert()<BR> end if<BR> end if<BR> }<BR> <BR><BR><BR><BR>i know this isnt a complex problem, but i am really lost<BR><BR>please help!!!<BR>

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    Default See reply in other forum


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