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    So, i&#039m trying to create a dynamic form based on some info passed from a previous form. What&#039s the best way to have, say, check boxes checked or unchecked based on the previous form&#039s input? Thanks<BR><BR>

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    I dunno if others have done this, but I "invented" a trick for checkboxes.<BR><BR>*IF* you are *NOT* using multiple checkboxes with the same name, *THEN* you can do this:<BR><BR>&#060;INPUT Type=CheckBox Name=CB1 Value="Checked"&#062;<BR><BR>and then, on the next page, you can do<BR><BR>&#060;INPUT Type=CheckBox Name=Page2CB1 Value="Checked" &#060;% = Request.Form("CB1") %&#062; &#062;<BR><BR>get it? If the box was checked on page 1, then its value in Request.Form will be "Checked" and that&#039s what will be dumped into that spot on page 2. If it wasn&#039t checked, then the Request.Form call will return a null string and nothing is added to the checkbox on page 2.<BR><BR>See www.ClearviewDesign.com/NEWBIE and choose the "Multiple Drop Down Lists" demo. View the source code to see that trick and also the easy way to retain simple TEXT field values.<BR><BR>Ask me if you need a trick for RadioButtons and/or for multiple check boxes with the same name. <BR><BR>billw@chilisoft.com

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