Deleting a file on a different server.

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Thread: Deleting a file on a different server.

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    I have a file Upload/Download site.<BR>The database and .asp pages run on an NT server, but the actual uploaded files are saved to a Unix system in another state.<BR>When I delete a record from the database on the NT, I want it to delete the file on the Unix box as well.<BR><BR>Is there a VBscript command to access a different computers file system and delete files?<BR>

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    No - you certainly can&#039t do this in VBScript (well, you might under certain circumstances if the file were on a windows share accessible from the web server via a UNC path...)<BR><BR>This isn&#039t going to be easy - you&#039ll probably need to use some kind of asynchronous, cross-platform messaging. It may be possible to write a COM component to do the job using RPC, or perhaps establish an FTP session with your unix box and send a DELETE command that way. Or you could write a SOAP client for you NT box and a SOAP server for the Unix box and do it all using XMLHTTP...<BR><BR>I&#039ve never had to do anything like this IRL, so I&#039ll shut up before I say anything stupid...<BR><BR>Dunc

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    Maybe I can do it with a cgi-bin Perl program on the Unix Server.. Have my .ASP page on the other server just call it with the variable for the file name, then send the user back to the .ASP page.<BR><BR>I use perl on the Unix Box to get the file there in the first place,I might as well use it to delete it as well.<BR><BR>Anyone know the perl command to delete a file?<BR>Or a source for Perl file commands?<BR><BR>And thanks for the info!<BR><BR>If you want to see how I&#039m using an NT box to serve files on a Unix box, look at the Tracks section<BR>The game is not out yet, so feel free to upload a test file and check it out.<BR> <BR>

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