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    Can anyone help?<BR><BR>I&#039m trying to write an asp which collects data from a form, writes the data to a database, then directs the user to a page displaying the data s/he has inputted.<BR><BR>Two functions here:<BR><BR>1) the form writes to database<BR>2) the form passes the id of the record to the next page, so that the users data can be displayed.<BR><BR>I&#039ve been able to write both these functions, but not at once. Is this possible.<BR><BR>Alternatively, should I &#039action&#039 the form to the detail page, and then submit from there? If so, how is this done?<BR><BR>Your help would be much appreciated

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    Yes it is possible to have both functions within the same asp code. One way to do this is check to see if a required field is empty at once. If it is, display the form, if not, query the db and print the record. Or, another way is the user querystring for the recID, and post the form data. If the querystring is empty, display the form, otherwise..... well u get the picture.<BR>If u need more help or explaination, repost.<BR>SteveF

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