Does anyone know how to instantiate a object within an object using OLE for Oracle??? ie<BR><BR>CREATE OR REPLACE TYPE Empl_Credentials_t AS OBJECT (<BR> years NUMBER(5),<BR> experience_desc VARCHAR2(10), <BR> degrees Empl_Degrees_va,<BR> certifications Empl_Certifications_va,<BR> courses VARCHAR2(10), -- temporary place holder for when present courses are moved to certifications<BR> training Empl_Training_va,<BR> skills Empl_Skills_va<BR>);<BR><BR>degrees, certifications, training, skills are all objects within <BR>the empl_credentials object.<BR>now I need to initialize the variables in my asp code and I&#039m screwing up something that I&#039m not too sure of.<BR><BR>So help if you can!! Thanks &#062;_&#060;