I have a frameset which contains two frames (theTop, theBottom). The file which makes up "theTop" frame takes a little while to load and I want to show an image which says "Processing... Please Wait" or something like that and then swap it with another image which I want to use as the page&#039s header/title when the file has finished loading. <BR><BR>I have buffer=true on the file and have the "Please Wait" image within &#060;form&#062; tags. I try flushing the buffer immediately after the &#060;form&#062; tags and the image will not show up in IE. In Netscape it works fine. The Processing image appears and when the file is finished loading I have a javascript function which basically changes the source of the image so that it points to the image I want displayed when the page is finished. IE however will not flush the image and the page loads successfully and when finished all I see is the header/title image which was swapped in for the processing image. <BR><BR>Here&#039s the catch... It will work in IE if the file is not in a frameset but will not if it is. (It works in Netscape both ways). Also, if I add some response.writes or &#060;table&#062; tags they will be displayed when I flush the buffer but the image will not. <BR><BR>Please help. Thanks in advance!! <BR><BR>Bobdawgg