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    I&#039m wondering how radio button variables are passed between ASP pages in a form. Suppose I have a radio button group called "example", with two radio buttons called "Yes" and "No", and the "Yes" button is marked.<BR>If I used this code on the action page:<BR>approval = Request.Form("example")<BR>Would the variable approval contain "Yes"? Or am I completely wrong about this? Thanks!<BR>

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    Yaa, U r right.<BR> If U do a request.form in the next page, the radio button U selected will contain a &#039Yes&#039 value.

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    Default So why didn't you write a test?

    I apologize if I seem to be picking on you, but...<BR><BR>For something as simple as this, why didn&#039t you just create an example page and try it out? It wouldn&#039t have taken more than a minute or two longer than posting to this forum did...*and* you would have the answer immediately, instead of waiting until somebody got around to answering you (if they ever did...look at all the messages that go unanswered).<BR><BR>So not a criticism...I&#039m just curious why you didn&#039t do the example. Any reason?<BR><BR>

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