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    i am trying to connect to an access database "globaldata" <BR>i am running PWS under win95 - <BR>using regedit find, i can locate entry "ADODB.connection" in the registry. OLEview finds Microsoft ActiveX Data Library (ver 1.5)<BR><BR>my .asp file contains the instruction :-<BR>set objconn = server.createobject ("ADODB.connection")<BR><BR>which returns the following error message :-<BR>Server object error &#039ASP 0177 : 8002801d&#039 <BR>Server.CreateObject Failed <BR>/onlinedit5/new_page_2.asp, line 15 <BR>8002801d <BR><BR>no doubt i have missed something fundamental<BR>can anyone help?<BR>thanks in advance

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    Have you made sure that there exists an entry for the database that you are connecting to in the "ODBC Datasources" in your Control Panel? The only other thing that I can think of, looking at your code, is that you may want to capitalize the line like this:<BR>set objconn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection"). This is probably more a cosmetic change than anything, but I&#039m used to using case-sensitive languages, so it&#039s something you can try.

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