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    Default Difference betweem www and www1

    What is the difference between www and www1 for exmample some web site has address like www1.abcxxxx.com and most of the site uses www.abcxxxxx.com<BR>

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    It&#039s just an alias, and allows you to point multiple subdomains to different servers. For example, you could have:<BR><BR>toys.mystore.com<BR>video.mystore.com <BR>music.mystore.com<BR><BR>and have each of them point to different web servers. www and www1, often are used to handle load / many users. Most likely they&#039d be two separate machines, and when you accessed www.abcxxxx.com, it would look at which machine had less users / less load on it, and direct you to that machine.<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    Default can you give me some help on multiple subdomains

    Hello James,<BR>I have visited some sites which allow you to create my own URL, for example, we can create following automaticly:<BR>larry.mystore.com<BR>james.mystore .com<BR>Could you give me some ideas how it is created?<BR><BR><BR>

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