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    can anyone pls. tell me how can I read cookies of any web site. For instance say<BR>I dont remember now, but sometime back I used an application on some website which does this..<BR>Pls. if u know, let me also know that.<BR>Thanx<BR>

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    You shouldn&#039t be able to do this for security reasons - you don&#039t want to be able to read your cookies from!<BR><BR>If you do find a way of doing it then it&#039s a serious security flaw in the browser in question.<BR><BR>Dunc

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    Default This is a known flaw in IE

    Actually, It&#039s a known security flaw in IE<BR><BR>It was found by Bennet Haselton:<BR><BR><BR>Here&#039s another article and commentary about it:<BR><BR><BR>

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