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    Default default date amoung others!

    Hi,<BR>I have a form which has the selection of day month and year as drop down boxes. How do I default set them to today&#039s date?<BR>Also, I know I asked about this before but the On Error stuff. Can anyone explain this in better detail than just saying, put the OnError here and the rest at the bottom......?<BR>Thanx<BR>Lucy

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    Hi,<BR><BR>Try using day(), Month() & year() funcion. Get the server date & store it in a variable. Then use Day(var) which&#039ll return the day (like 1,2,3...), Month(var) to get the month (like 1,2,3...) & Year(var) will return u the year. Using this & if condition U can set the day, month & year as default in your dropdown list box.<BR><BR>Hope this will help u.<BR><BR>All the best

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