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    1 ) how to store an image in sql server & how to display it.<BR>2 ) how to open the windows without menubars,location ..etc. & it has to display it to center of the screen.<BR>3 ) I am maintaing one integer field and based on that it has to select the value from the dropdown list with selection <BR>4) How to send automated email without using Cdonts<BR>Help!!!

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    If you would like to write your own scripts to send automated e-mail but do not wish/don&#039t have access to the SMTP mail service via CDONTS you need to read up on instantiating a MAPI session using CDO.<BR><BR>Probably best to refer to MSDN and take a good look at the CDO Object model. Also would be beneficial to read about the differences between CDO and CDONTS just so you know why there are 2 flavours of CDO.<BR><BR>I&#039m no expert on this subject myself but have been doing some reading on MSDN about this subject in the last couple of days.<BR><BR>If you have any more troubles regarding this post another message and I&#039ll try to help further (time permitting...)<BR>

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    Q1.How to store image in database and how to read it.<BR>ans.)By using image datatype you can store the image in database.<BR>and for showing you have to use binaryread method of response object.<BR>Drawbacks:the file becaome heavy.<BR>alternative to this is as follows<BR>2.Store th path of image file in database.<BR>and read by simple response.write method.<BR>2nd method is more flexible to use and easy.<BR><BR>q2.<BR>ans wirte a javascript:<BR>function winopen(){<BR>,,tollbar=no)<BR><BR>}<B R><BR><BR><BR> <BR>

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