I have my code set up like this:<BR><BR>if gotstart=("8:00:00 AM") then<BR>strcst(1) = ("#FF8080") <BR>end if<BR><BR>I have other code that looks like this:<BR><BR>gotfil=dateadd("s",+(15*60),gotfil)<B R><BR>Somthing is happening with my code or database when I try to compare, or add times. I set my database times to be text to try to deal with it but I am still getting wierd stuff happening. <BR><BR>How do I need to set up my times, database and such so every thing is the same. And how am I to write times on my code to match i.e. (if gotstart=("8:00:00 AM"))<BR><BR>THNX<BR>