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    I have some values stored in session variables. The timeout is <BR>20 minutes. <BR><BR>If the user closes the browser after 5 minutes and then reopens it, are those session variables still active?<BR><BR>How do I abandon the session variables when the user closes the browser?<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR>Kelly

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    By default, the session will get abandoned by the variable time out in global.asa. I&#039m not sure if there is a way to abandon the session on closing the browser.<BR><BR>I breaked my head for quite some time before. <BR><BR>U also achieve it by this way:<BR><BR>add a webpage called logout.asp, which executes the command session.abandon(). give a link to this page in some place, which the user can see and understand that, he has to logout after he&#039s done with the website.<BR><BR>u can find article on this in www.learnasp.com/learn/security1.asp<BR>

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