What sort of dll is that?

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Thread: What sort of dll is that?

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    anant gurung Guest

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    Hi all,<BR><BR>if you have a look at www.loot.com you&#039ll see that the default page is not an asp page but lootsite.dll with querystrings appended further down. I&#039m just curious to know what sort of dll this is.<BR><BR>Would it be possible to compile something similar within VB?<BR><BR>Regards<BR> Anant

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    Ed Guest

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    Chances are it is an ISAPI DLL. These are low-level DLLs that can be created with C/C++<BR><BR>ASP is run by an ISAPI DLL (asp.dll). This DLL is executed by IIS whenever an ASP page is requested from the Web server.<BR><BR>To learn more about ISAPI, check out the ISAPI section on 15Seconds.com: http://www.15seconds.com/focus/ISAPI.htm

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    anant gurung Guest

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    Thanks Ed,<BR><BR>I thought it may have been. There&#039s a querystring named mfcisapi a bit further in. I guess MS Foundation Classes as well. A bit beyond my scope. I&#039ll have a look at that link though.<BR><BR>Anant

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