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    Is it possible to sort an array such as an array of string or an array of dates? <BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>-Todd

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    There is an entire year long college class on data sorting.<BR><BR>If the array is taken from a recordstring, order using the Order By clause.<BR><BR>If it is outside of it, I am not sure if there are any built in functions. If not, it shouldn&#039t be too hard to code a function to resort. If you have no idea on doing it, for strings, a &#060; b, b &#060; c, but A &#062; b, B &#062; c. (might be vice versa, need to check that, it is case sensitive).

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    There is a great article on 4Guys that shows how to sort a one or two-dimensional array using QuickSort (the best sorting routine available)<BR><BR>Sorting Arrays<BR>

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