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    Kevin Guest

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    Take mercy on a newbie, I&#039m getting an exception error in the while loop line. It doesn&#039t happen EVERY time that I access the page with the code on it, but usually works ok the first time, and crashes the second. Any advice would be great...<BR><BR>For Each Key in dCart<BR> While objRS("ProductID") &#060;&#062; Key<BR> objRS.MoveNext<BR> Wend<BR> ...<BR><BR>Next <BR><BR>objRS is my recordset, ProductID is a number field in an Access DB, Key has been assigned a value when an item has been added to the shopping cart, and in this case, it&#039s a positive five digit integer. dCart is a dictionary of items.

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    jason Guest

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    possibly key.value instead of key?<BR><BR>jason

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