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    englishman Guest

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    I know this is a long hard question but any help with any aspects of the problem will be hugely appreciated.<BR>A user enters a page (userlist.asp) by a form in which he enters his name and a description. <BR>In userlist.asp, each user will see the ip address, name and description of all the people looking at that page. <BR>If any of the people listed logs out or is inactive for 20 minutes, they and their details are removed from the application variables and so are not listed next time the page is loaded. <BR><BR>

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    Markkk Guest

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    Have the userlist.asp page refresh itself every 5 minutes, or so, via a META REFRESH Tag, to periodically show new users and eliminate logged Off users (session ended users).<BR><BR>On the userlist.asp page, append the new user name and description in a database table, and also in Session Variable. Have the userlist.asp page display all records in the database table.<BR><BR>In the global.asa file, simply remove the users Session Variable data from the database table ON_SESSION_END.<BR><BR>I hope this helps.

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    englishman Guest

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    markkk,<BR>I cannot use a DB on this one, I want to use application variable arrays if at all possible. Also I&#039m not sure of the code to add/remove users from this variable.

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    fl1rt Guest

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    why not use a DB, is it homework ? ;)<BR><BR>fl1rt<BR>"if it&#039s there, use it"

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