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    João Rebelo Guest

    Default ActiveX.dll problem ...

    Hello Companions of Disgrace...<BR>Could someone help me on this one. If you do so i&#039ll be much apreciated...<BR> <BR>I&#039m trying to devellop a server side component in VB compiling it to Activex.dll<BR>In order to implement it, i&#039m building an object based on treeviews, textboxs and others, wich i need<BR>to became visible to the client browser when they access the asp page containing the class.<BR> <BR>my component has a class module, a code module (for several routines) and a form with the layout<BR>i intent the users to see...<BR> <BR>the activex.dll works super fine under vb and the form displays itself correctly, where the code for instancing the object is:<BR> <BR>Dim x As ManArea.clsM_Area<BR><BR>Private Sub Form_Load()<BR> Set x = CreateObject("ManArea.clsM_Area")<BR> x.ConnectString = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data source=c:myaccessbd.mdb;Mode=ReadWrite;Persist Security Info=False"<BR> x.MakeConection <BR>End Sub<BR><BR> <BR>however, when i try to instanciate it under the asp page i get the following error:<BR> <BR>Non-modal forms cannot be displayed in this host application from an ActiveX DLL, ActiveX Control, or Property Page.<BR> <BR>I&#039ve tried to show the form in modal way and amodal way and i even try to build the interface based on a usercontrol...every time, the same <BR>problem (with different error messages as i use the usercontrol).<BR> <BR>i&#039ve already tried to search microsoft knowledge base but i didn&#039t saw any project implementing these features (or i&#039m searching the wrong way).<BR> <BR>Thank you for any suggestion you have (even if you want to call me dumb).<BR> <BR>Joao<BR>

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    Default RE: ActiveX.dll problem ...

    I&#039m tempted to take you up on the offer (of calling you dumb) but I&#039ll restrain myself... ;-)<BR><BR>You&#039ve got a fundamental problem in your understanding of how ASP works. The server-side and the client-side are seperated by a yawning chasm that is only bridged by an HTTP request/response. A component running on the server has no access to the client machine, and cannot have a user interface (because it&#039s running on an unattended machine in a locked room on the other side of the world). <BR><BR>The user interface (HTML, ActiveX controls, Java etc) is entirely in the client&#039s browser, and has no access to server resources.<BR><BR>I&#039d suggest doing some homework before you try getting into this: a good starting point would be You might then want to look at for more complete reference material.<BR><BR>Dunc

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    muek Guest

    Default I want Active X Connect SQL

    Hi . I want Source Code Or URL Link to Tuterial ActiveX Connect with SQL Server 7.0 Please...

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