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    Which code sample will report whether the client&#039s browser supports cookies? <BR>Choice 1 <BR> &#060;% <BR> var objBrowser = Server.CreateObject("MSWC.BrowserType") <BR> response.write objBrowser.cookies <BR>%&#062; <BR>Choice 2 <BR> You can only use JavaScript for this. <BR>Choice 3 <BR> &#060;% <BR> var objFSO = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") <BR> response.write objFSO.cookiesSupported <BR>%&#062; <BR>Choice 4 <BR> &#060;% <BR> var objFSO = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") <BR> response.write objFSO.cookies <BR>%&#062; <BR>Choice 5 <BR> &#060;% <BR> var objBrowser = Server.CreateObject("MSWC.BrowserType") <BR> response.write objBrowser.cookiesSupported <BR>%&#062; <BR>

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    i guess choice 2 you need to find out all features of the user browser.

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