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    rajat saigal Guest

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    i want to create a complete Email system in ASP using SMTP now all information and all that i have been able to do so far is send mails but i don&#039t know how to retrieve them From the &#039DRop&#039 box . also where do i eneter the name of all the users who have signed up so that an error can be returned when the user does not exist. <BR> how do i create folders for if a user wants to move his mails to a certain folder from the inbox.<BR>in short i need all the information regarding how an Email system can be created in you have any information please mail me at <BR>

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    fl1rt Guest

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    hmmm what you want is a lot dear friend.<BR><BR>I&#039ve have done what you&#039re after and it&#039s bl**dy hard work.<BR>I suggest that you learn a little more about ASP as you have too many problems to tackle a project of this magnitude.<BR><BR>I wish that I could help more but you&#039re asking for too much. try and isolate the problems that you&#039re already having and learn how to tackle them before moving onto your dreams.<BR><BR>sounds harsh - but I don&#039t see anyone else giving you ALL the answers and I&#039m certainly not going to hand it all straight over.<BR><BR>good luck

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