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    Q:I have to assign permissons like insert,save,update,delete etc. to differnt users based on their userid and passwords in the same web page.if uid=u1 and pwd=p1 then he can do all the opeartions.if uid=u2 and pwd=p2 then he can do few ops like update only.lly if uid=u3 and pwd=p3 then he can do few ops like<BR>delete and insertion of new records to do the coding.<BR> send to

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    Guess the thing to do is to create a database (or possibly just a flat file, using file system object) which stores the UserID, Password and a boolean (yes/no) flag for each operation (read, write etc.).<BR><BR>Then write an asp include file which you can add to the top of all the pages you&#039d like to secure. This should look up the userID and password (posted to the page) in the DB to see if that combination exists. If it does you can assign your permission flags to variables, otherwise throw a security error.<BR>You can then modify the body of the page based on these variables to allow/disallow functions.<BR><BR>Another point is that it might be an idea to encrypt your user/password fields for your own security, and happily 4Guys has a new security & encryption section (linked from the fron page at the mo&#039). This will get you started if you&#039re interested, but sadly the product placement has gone rather overboard and you won&#039t get very far without a copy of ASPEncrypt (published by the sponsors, suprisingly).<BR><BR>

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