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    Bernard Davis Guest

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    Help - I&#039m having a lot of trouble with my first ASP web site. It works fine on Win98/PWS, but now I&#039ve put it on NT4/IIS it behaves strangely.<BR>When I first connect to a data source (Access 2000) using <BR>set cn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR>cn.Open "kgvdata"<BR>it opens fine. I later do <BR>conn.close <BR>set conn = Nothing<BR>If I then try to do ANY further connection (even refresh page) I get an error 80004005 unspecified error message, at the point in the page where the cn.Open "kgvdata" occurs. This holds true for about 5 minutes after which I can do a refresh and it again works - once.<BR>What have I done wrong??

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    set cn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR>cn.Open "kgvdata"<BR>&#039 your code here<BR>cn.close <BR>set cn = Nothing<BR><BR>jw

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    Bernard Davis Guest

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    Thanks for that. That is just what I had in the page and it didn&#039t work.<BR>I have however stumbled on the answer and it might be useful to others.<BR>The database I was connecting to was created on my own machine in Access 2000, but the NT server didn&#039t have Office installed. Even though I had tried to install the ODBC drivers from the Office 2000 disk (we only have Outlook on the server) and I was not getting any ODBC error messages it was causing the problem. I converted the database back to Access 97 and it worked first time.<BR>Regards<BR>Bernard Davis

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