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    Hi,<BR>I am trying to send the results of a form, method "post" to an email recipient.<BR>Can anybody help?<BR>

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    Use cdonts to send mail from <BR><BR> u will find a reference of using that on or or the best <BR><BR> search for sending mail using cdonts<BR><BR> abhishek<BR>

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    This is off the top of my head so don&#039t take it as gospel but use it to go and research.<BR>In the form action I believe you can use<BR>i.e.<BR>&#060;form action="mailto:youremailaddress?subject=WebMail" enctype="text/plain"&#062;<BR>Make sure that you give names to your form elements.<BR>I have done this before so I know it works it was just a long time ago.<BR>You&#039ll find that the submit button name will appear in the body of the message as well which is a bit of a bummer but there maybe a way around it, never bothered to try.<BR>Alternatively as the man said before this try using CDO NTS which can be called from your ASP page. You will need to have SMTP services turned on for this on your server but that shouldn&#039t be a problem to sort out.<BR>CDO NTS is the best method but it&#039s always nice to have an alternative.<BR>Good luck<BR>James<BR><BR>

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