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    It seems there is a serious problem with date in MS Access.<BR><BR>When i enter date in table as 6/2/2000 Access shows its <BR>extra tersstrial intelligence and stores date in database as<BR>2/6/2000. <BR><BR>when the date in my ASP form is 13/6/2000 it stores it as it is <BR>as it cannot play with date and month in this case.<BR><BR>just for information the date format of my PC and the date format of field in which i store data is same that is DD/MM/YYYY.<BR><BR>can anybody explain why this happens and what is the solution to this unique problem.<BR><BR>thanks in advance<BR>

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    make sure your date field in your access table is configured using the date format you want - mine&#039s set to dd/mm/yyyy and works quite happily.....until you try and use asp / vbscript with it. it then reverts to the american format of mm/dd/yy<BR><BR>the latter is to do with the way vbscript handles dates. regardless of your regional setting vbscript resets itself to the US format. this can be resolved by using the SetLocale function - but only if your IIS and browser are VBscript v5 compatible (iis5 and ie5)<BR><BR>a way around this is to create a function that extracts the DAY MONTH and YEAR from a given date (big hints there!) and rebuild them into the format you want.<BR><BR>HTH

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