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    Gouri Guest

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    I am using cdon&#039t componant for mailing purpose. But when i am trying to post the message, its giving me permission checked error. I know this is some access problem. But to resolve this problem, which property i have to set so that while posting the message, i will not get the permission error.

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    Ed Guest

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    Check to make sure that the directory the DLL is in has read permissions set for IUSR_machinename (if your Web server&#039s machine name is Toonces, then IUSR_Toonces must have read permissions on the directory (usually WINNTSystem32)<BR><BR>Also, make sure that the Mailroot directory (usually InetPubMailroot) has write permissions for IUSR_machinename

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    hi gouri<BR>Contaact immediately manu.............

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