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    I have a form on my asp-page that links to a webpage that isn´t mine.<BR>But I also want to save the answers from the form to a database that´s on my webpage.<BR>How do I do that?<BR>Can I have a button that saves to a database and links the form to another page or<BR>can I use the bodyunload command (does this command even exist) to save the result.<BR>I have tried this: Response.redirect "www.otherwebsite.htm"<BR>The problem for me is that i loose the result from the form.<BR>I hope there is a solution for this.<BR><BR>I hope someone can help me with this.<BR>Clazze

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    Just do the Response.Redirect *AFTER* you have done processing the form info into your database. That&#039s all.<BR><BR>Unless you mean that you want the user to see a confirmation page from you before continuing to the other page???<BR><BR>

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