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    Anthony Biondo Guest

    Default Application Variable Timeout??

    Is there a way to set a timeout for the application variable? So maybe after 2 hours it is reset to 0? Can someone please help. Would this need to go in the global.asa file?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Anthony Biondo<BR>

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    There&#039s no way to do it *accurately*, but...<BR><BR>Why not do it in Session_onStart?<BR><BR>As each new user comes into the application (via Session_onStart), you check the time vs. the expiration time you have set (as, of course, another Application variable). When a new user comes in after the expiration time, then you reset the application value at that point.<BR><BR>Caution: Wrap the code in Application.Lock/Unlock !<BR><BR>

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