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    How do I get an asp to load into a specific frame when it is being called from another frame using a submit button?<BR><BR>It either loads in a new window (default) or it loads in the parent.

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    ASP loads *exactly* like any HTML page would. If it doesn&#039t then something is badly wrong.<BR><BR>Since there is nothing in the specs for the &#060;FORM...&#062; element that allows submission to another frame in the same window, you can&#039t do it that way with ASP, any more than you can with HTML.<BR><BR>The best solution: Create a totally hidden form in the other frame, copy any values from the current form/frame to hidden fields in that form, and then submit the form in that other frame.<BR><BR>Alternate solution: Rewrite the contents of the other frame to do the above.<BR><BR>

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