Creating access db directly on the server?

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Thread: Creating access db directly on the server?

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    Martin Rytter Jensen Guest

    Default Creating access db directly on the server?

    Is this possible via ASP ? <BR><BR>- I know it can be done via perl and on servers that got access installed.. but i need some function to do this that doesnt depend on some specific component, program etc. else but ASP<BR><BR>anyone got any good ideas?<BR><BR>

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    Default With a cute trick?

    You can easily create new *TABLES* in any existing Access DB (even, for example, an empty DB!), but I don&#039t know of any way to create an Access DB from scratch...<BR><BR>Oh, wait! Maybe I do!<BR><BR>How about this:<BR><BR>You create an empty Access DB and give it file name. Maybe: "prototype.mdb".<BR><BR>Then, when you need a new DB from ASP, you simply use FileSystemObject.CopyFile to copy that "prototype.mdb" to some other file name, open that new file with a DSN-less connection, and start adding tables! <BR><BR>Should work just fine! Cute trick, too!<BR><BR>

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