Hi! we are having some problems whenever we want to insert some data on an Informix database, here&#039s our scenario : <BR> <BR>- All our queries / updates /insert are from ASP. Everything works fine, except when we try to use blobs to hold some texts.<BR>- We are using an ODBC connection to the database (Driver Informix 32 Bit 3.30)<BR>- We can succesfully read from the database, but when we try to insert some text on it, we get the error : <BR> <BR>"A blob data type must be supplied within this context"<BR> <BR>- The table structure is as : <BR> <BR>Column Name Type Nulls<BR>notid smallint no<BR>titulo varchar(255) yes<BR>foto varchar(255) yes<BR>fecha date yes<BR>fecha_ini date yes<BR>fecha_fin date yes<BR>noticia text yes<BR>resumen text yes<BR> <BR> <BR>We have double checked our SQL insert string to find some errors, but it is correct. <BR> <BR> <BR>I would appreciate any help, links, tips, comments on this!<BR> <BR>Thanks!!<BR> <BR>JGA<BR>