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    Kishor Guest

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    I am using application_onstart and session_onstart event in Global.asa file. I have kept the file in virtual directory.<BR>But the events are not firing.<BR>What could be the problem?<BR><BR>

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    kishor Guest

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    In above problem I have written file name global.asp actually it is global.asA<BR>Thanks.

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    Your global.asa file has to be in the "root" cannot stick it into another directory or it won&#039t work.<BR><BR>Try that....and good luck

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    Default Global.asa - when is a root just a branch?

    More correctly, it has to be in *SOME* root directory.<BR><BR>You can have as many virtual roots as you wish on a site (even with PWS), and each may have its own separate GLOBAL.ASA which thus turns it into a true "application" is ASP terms.<BR><BR>Note that if you are using an ISP, many ISPs only give you one virtual root, in which case Ann is 100% right. But if you (or your MIS department) control the IIS server, then you can add virtual roots at will. And each can, indeed, have its own GLOBAL.ASA. <BR><BR>Note that just creating a subdirectory and putting the GLOBAL.ASA file there does *not* make that subdir into a virtual root. Only the IIS or PWS admin console can do that.<BR><BR>

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