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    I have a search page, but once I click a link the section that I click disappears from the screen, therefore a person wouldn&#039t remember what section he/she was searching in. How do I make it stay so people will know what they are searching under?

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    That is such a horribly general question... Kind of like "How do I get to Carnegie Hall?" [Answers: (1) Practice, (2) Starting in San Francisco, you drive East on ..., (3) Which one? There&#039s one in Pittsburgh, PA, too. (4) ... well, you get the idea... ]<BR><BR>What do you *WANT* to happen????<BR><BR>Maybe have a new window pop up and do the search in the new window???<BR><BR>Or another frame? Or just copy the info to the page doing the search? Or or or or<BR><BR>YOU have to design what you WANT to have happen and then, maybe, ask us how to accomplish it.<BR><BR>

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