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    Shawn O Guest

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    I am trying to get IE not to cache a page in IE. I have tried adding "&#060;meta http-equiv=pragma content=no-cache&#062;", this works for Netscape but not IE. I have also tried Response.Expires=0 and Response.ExpiresAbsolute=0, but those do nothing. <BR>What does IE recongnize so that everytime it visits a page it will reload it?

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    actally for your question response.expires=0 should work, try once again delete all Temporary Internet Files under windows dir.<BR><BR>but if still not works for your problem try this<BR>response.buffer=true.<BR><BR>happu programming.<BR>have a nice day,<BR>bye.<BR>kiran<BR>(<BR><BR>

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    Franco Guest

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    Dude<BR><BR>Do a search on this messageboard for Response.Expires. I think that Response.Expires sets the expiry date to the end of the day and not immediately. Try Response.Expires=-1.<BR><BR>Btw, I&#039ve never got any combination to work - I&#039m convinced it&#039s got to do with the IIS settings...<BR><BR>hth<BR><BR>F.

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    Shawn O Guest

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    Thanks for your help, but everything I try does not want to work. I will keep trying and get it to work sooner or later.

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