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    In iis 4.0, asp 2.0 i want to trap the errors in a page and want to redirect to a page where i need a listing of all possible errors and descriptions. i need a function which will find the errors occured in a page and redirect it accordingly.Pls help me. its very urgent.<BR>i need it by today night. Thanks for the help

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    write like this for database access erorrs<BR><BR>if err.number=0 then <BR> do some thing<BR>else respose.redirect(give url where u like to send for error message )<BR><BR><BR>for http error404, 403 etc , create asp(or) html files with your customer error message .<BR>logon to iis --yoursite(kiranwebsite)--right click for properties<BR>--&#062; u can see there is option for customer errors , under that u can keep your file name path for those typ errors , if u do there things your site lookes better..<BR><BR>happy programming ,<BR>still any problems in asp or javascript .mail me to (<BR><BR>

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